Pixel Scientia Labs I provide consulting services through my company, Pixel Scientia Labs, focusing on computer vision for people and planetary health. My advisory services are for business and technical teams navigating the challenges of AI.


Impact AI

Learn how to build a mission-driven machine learning company from the innovators and entrepreneurs who are leading the way. A weekly show about the intersection of ML and business – particularly startups. We discuss the challenges and best practices for working with data, mitigating bias, dealing with regulatory processes, collaborating across disciplines, recruiting and onboarding, maximizing impact, and more.


Computer Vision Insights

I’ve launched a newsletter called Computer Vision Insights to help bring the latest machine learning and computer vision research to applications in people and planetary health.

Content includes ideas to advance your algorithms, discussion of new tools, new application areas, and links to my latest articles with more in depth insights.

Transfer learning, weak supervision, self-supervised learning, multi-modal models, small data, domain adaptation, outcome prediction, explainability, validation, bias, etc. – and, most importantly, how these topics can be applied to pathology and remote sensing images

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This field is advancing more rapidly than ever, and I look forward to sharing this knowledge with you!